Friday, April 1, 2011

Saving the planets bacon

There’s no doubt that the message about there being nothing new under the sun has particular relevance for those of us who live in this gloriously sun drenched country.  That’s why it’s so cool that more and more enterprising visionaries have reverted back to the age old concepts of free range and organic farming and they deserve our full buy- in. I definitely only use free range meat and poultry in my artisanal charcuterie.  It’s good for the planet, morally right, so much healthier and without a doubt the end product tastes miles better, even though it’s farmed close to home.  So get to the market mense, and buy my bacon, together we can definitely cure the world and enjoy doing it too!  
I’m out to cure the world.
You can find me at the Constantia Waldorf’s Organic & Biodynamic Produce Market from 11am to 3pm every Friday during term time and at the Earth Fair Market, South Palms, 333 Main Road, Tokai every Saturday morning. But if this doesn’t fit in with your schedule email me at or call me on 072 240 8511 and I’ll deliver to you personally.

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